We are proud of our work and our heritage

We are farmers, we care for the land and we rely on the new generations to keep on with the good work. Getting to know the person who produces your food allows you to appreciate the effort, knowledge and attention that goes into each product, and also allows you to take part in the experience.

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We generate knowledge and share our experience through collective networking

We care for the people and the land, promoting generational relief

We go beyond organic production regulations, our we are more than organic

We restore the fertility of soil punished by abusive use of synthetic fertilisers

Our commitment to our consumers is borne from a deep care and respect for people

Sustainability must encompass all areas, including technological, environmental, economic and social equity

We network and disseminate knowledge

We generate knowledge and share our experience through collective networking.

We are families rooted in the territory

We represent a model of farming families with a future, based on knowledge and respect for biodiversity.

We are commitment, trust and reliability

The consumer knows that we comply with the regulations, take care of the territory and work farming with values.

We make high quality healthy food

We go beyond organic production regulations. We are more than just organic.

We regenerate ecosystems

Our job respects soils and biodiversity, guaranteeing resources for future generations.

We are sustainability

We act positively on the territory by making the system more resilient, based on our love for the land and the people.

Cor de fruita
Cor de fruita

Joan Miret Bonell

El Poal

For me, making food that nature gives us is a great responsibility and it must be done well. The best way to give dignity to everything we do is to care for and love the earth and plants, to feel lucky to be able to do this work that connects spirit with matter and that bears fruit with the maximum content of vital energy.


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Farmers with roots in the territory

Our associates represent a model of small and medium family farmers, with roots in the territory, who practice organic agriculture.

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Our organic produce

A broad range of fresh and processed food, all certified organic.

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We are more than ecological, it is the way we work and understand farming.

💥 Des de l`ADV ja fa temps que hem creat un Banc de Maquinària Compartida, on comptem amb algunes màquines que estan a disposició de les nostres sòcies i socis. 🚜🌿🧑🏻‍🌾
D``aquesta manera compartim despeses, manteniment i sobretot coneixement.

💚 Les màquines que es compren a través del Banc de Maquinària son aquelles que, malgrat ésser molt útils, s`empren amb poca freqüència a nivell d`explotació, comportant una despesa difícil d`amortitzar a nivell individual.

Aquesta setmana els tècnics de @saltguiu ens van fer una formació de la "Rinieri" per tal de ser més conscients del seu correcte funcionament, així com adaptar-la de manera correcta a cada cultiu, manteniment, etc.

Moltes gràcies @saltguiu per venir i compartir aquesta estona.