We are proud of our work and our heritage

We are farmers, we care for the land and we rely on the new generations to keep on with the good work. Getting to know the person who produces your food allows you to appreciate the effort, knowledge and attention that goes into each products, and also allows you to take part in the experience.

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We generate knowledge and share our experience through collective networking

We care for the people and the land, promoting generational relief

We go beyond organic production regulations, our we are more than organic

We restore the fertility of soil punished by abusive use of synthetic fertilisers

Our commitment to our consumers is borne from a deep care and respect for people

Sustainability must encompass all areas, including technological, environmental, economic and social equity

We network and disseminate knowledge

We generate knowledge and share our experience through collective networking.

We are families rooted in the territory

We represent a model of farming families that generates the future, based on knowledge and respect for biodiversity.

We are commitment, trust and guarantee

The consumer knows that we comply with the regulations, take care of the territory and work farming with values.

We make quality and good food

We go beyond organic production regulations, we are more than just organic.

We regenerate ecosystems

Our job respects soils and biodiversity, guaranteeing resources for future generations.

We are sustainability

We act positively on the territory by making the system more resilient, based on love to the land and people.

Corbbio SL
Corbbio SL

Laureà Miquel


De petit vaig créixer estimant la pagesia, i avui dia la millor forma d’estimar la terra és la producció ecològica.

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Farmers with roots on the territory

Our associates represent a model of family peasants, ecological, rooted in the territory, on a small  and medium scale.

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The products of our associates

A great diversity of food and processed products, all organic, at least.

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