Projects and lines of work

From the ADV we promote different projects with the aim of enhancing the biodiversity of the farms by improving pollination and biological control of pests, by improving the soils and to be able to increase knowledge. There are also other projects or lines of work that aim to support commercialization by booting the sector, to promote more collaborative work and make it visible.

The OSMIA Project

We started this project in 2017 with the aim of increasing the native osmia populations that are decreasing partly due to the lack of shelters and at the same time helping them to be more self-sufficient in the pollination of fruit trees and almond trees. Our breeding of "Osmia cornuta" is released every year on our associates farms.

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‘+Biodiversity’ Project

Since 2009, we set ourselves a strategic line to increase biodiversity in all farms to make more complex systems and thus be able to reduce health problems in the long term. We believe that organic agriculture, and agriculture in general, must integrate elements of nature that have great benefits for the management of crops.

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‘Generation of new knowledge I+D’ Project

We generate knowledge through trials and field tests, to solve unsolved problems in organic production. We share this knowledge with all associates and also pass it on at conferences and courses to spread it. We collaborate with research centers, universities and other entities.

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