Field outing to share joint experiences in organic almond production (Murcia, January 2023)


In mid-January, a group of organic almond producers and ADV technicians went to visit almond producers in the south of Spain (Murcia, Almeria and Granada). The purpose of the trip was to learn about the joint marketing of almonds and other nuts (Almendrehesa) and to see how they are produced in the climatic conditions of the area.

We learned about the AlvelAl project and also the Junquera project, which focus on soil and ecosystem regeneration, in an area with extreme drought conditions and very low levels of organic matter. They produce rainfed cereals and almond trees, using regenerative practices to make the most of the water.

Seeing how these projects work encouraged us a lot to keep working and not reach the level of soil degradation that they suffer, and it has also been a strong push to encourage us to start the joint commercialization project of almonds that is developing in the ADV.

An experience, we believe, very enriching for all the people who made the trip.

For more information about the projects we visited:

Mira el Vídeo de presentació d’AlVelAl


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