About ADV

We are an organic farmers’ association located in the region of Lleida, Spain. We advise and provide technical, social and administrative support to associated farmers carrying out organic, biodynamic or regenerative agriculture. We also develop our own projects.

We are a group of over 150 farming families from the province of Lleida and La Franja


We are committed to sustainable development with values

1#We are a network and transfer of knowledge

We generate knowledge and network from a collective experience.

1#We are a network and transfer of knowledge
2# We are family structures rooted in the territory

We care for the people and the land, and we promote generational relief.

2# We are family structures rooted in the territory
3# We are commitment, trust and guarantee

We are committed to our consumers because we respect and care for people

3# We are commitment, trust and guarantee
4# We make quality and good food

We go beyond organic production regulations. We are much more than organic farmers.

4# We make quality and good food
5# We regenerate ecosystems

We recover lands abused by synthetic fertilisation and restore their fertility.

5# We regenerate ecosystems
6# We are sustainability

We understand that true sustainability must include technical, environmental, economic and social equity aspects.

6# We are sustainability

We offer technical and administrative advice, and support the farmer community

Ecological agriculture

We provide technical advice for all crops and carry out field monitoring. We guide you in everything you need in order to become a certified organic farmer.

Biodynamic agriculture

We provide advice on the basics of biodynamic agriculture, when to apply the preparations and how to produce them in a self-sufficient way.


Certification procedures

We offer farmers administrative help in the certification process for organic and biodynamic agriculture  (CCPAE, CAAE, Demeter, Bio Suisse).


Soil improvement and compositing

We offer advice on organic fertilization and how to make good compost. Soil improvement is key to recovering fertility.


Technical newsletters

We write monthly newsletters with technical advice on plant health management, fertilisation of organic crops, and other  information of interest to the sector.



We organize training  workshops and offer courses related to organic crop management.

Applied research

We investigate and conduct field trials to find solutions to difficult problems in organic production.



Projects and lines of work

We develop our own projects to expand knowledge, increase biodiversity and support commercialization.

Cooperativa Pagesa Ecològica SCCL

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We are more than ecological, it is the way we work and understand farming.

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