Els Omellons

C. Sant Sebastià, 2, Els Omellons

Tel.669 260 816 / 645 362 969

We are Xavier and Montserrat, farmers and sons of farmers who throughout the year make sure to bring to the tables our best, an Oligami extra virgin olive oil and Oligami Prèmium. We are committed to ecological agriculture, respectful of the environment, while seeking to balance the wisdom of our godfathers with new technologies. Looking after and protecting the land is part of our DNA, especially the olive trees, which are part of our identity seal, forging our characters, for this reason we continue the reason that our past ancestors undertook in these lands, taking care not not only from the olive trees but from the soil in which they are rooted and the environment that surrounds them.

We have certified Ecological products since 2018. The reason that has made us decide to do ecological production is that in the market the productions have ceased to be respectful of the environment, becoming artificial, chemical and without values. The fact of being members of the ADV helps us to improve the techniques and advice towards a multitude of subjects, such as for example in matters of handling, treatments and so many other effective and interesting tips.

Throughout the year we take care of our Arbequin fruit olive trees, until the time of harvest. This is usually towards the end of October, if the weather is in our favor and the fruit ripens in good conditions, until mid-November, which is when we more or less end the harvest and start again for the next year Oligami is not only the fruit of olive trees, Oligami is our badge. For a year now, we have made available to people coming from outside, an entire area turned into a caravan park where they can come and get to know our territory. We personally accompany them to discover and enjoy the land by visiting farms, livestock farmers in the area, teaching the fauna and flora and making them discover a world that is unknown to many.

Our mission is, through oil, to make known a territory, a landscape, a way of doing and feeling this land that invites us to contemplate the world from another perspective. We do not believe in competition, but in the different ways of making the same product, which is why there is a wide variety of oils with different colors, aromas and origins.

These are our crops

We are more than ecological, it is the way we work and understand farming.