Cooperativa Pagesa Ecològica SCCL

A cooperative project in order to get fair prices for the organic almonds produced by associated farmers, and much more!

Why is an almond cooperative needed?

Almond is a Mediterranean crop which is a traditional part of our landscapes and our diet. Almonds are a highly valued superfood with their excellent organoleptic and nutritional properties, rich in minerals, vitamins and essential oils.

Despite this, the almond producers associated to the ADV Ecològica de Ponent find it hard to get fair prices for their almonds, because the market is dominated by big stakeholders. This is why a group of almond producers have decided to form an association in order to shell and commercialise their own almonds.

We network, to combine production and know-how, give each other support and move ahead.

Who is Cooperativa Pagesa Ecològica?

Cooperativa Pagesa Ecològica is formed by a group of almond farmers, members of ADV Ecològica de Ponent, who are committed to building a future for the rural areas.

Jaume Miquel Aleu, Torre de l’Espanyol

Agroecology is his life project. He has been a full-time professional farmer since he first began in 2004. He produces organic almonds, olives and fresh fruit (cherry, peach and apricot). He started managing the family farm organically in 2008, joining traditional practices with new knowledge. Some of the almond trees on his farm are over a century old, and still productive.

His commitment to improve the rural society of which he is a part, lead him to network with other farming families in order to collaborate and support each other mutually. He is currently president of the Cooperative of his town (Cooperativa Agrícola i Secció de Crèdit de la Torre de l’Espanyol).

Amàlia Ametlló, Lleida

She combines her job as cultural management technician for the Lleida town council, with the management of her organic family farm.

Committed, with strong organisational skills, experience in project strategy design and management. She has a degree in History (University of Lleida) and Musicology (Autonomous University of Barcelona), and a master’s in Cultural Management (University of Lleida).

In addition to her academic qualifications, she has training in organic farming and project management.

Glòria Sorolla, La Portella

She comes from a traditional farming family, and manages the organic family farm as well as her own beauty parlour.

The family farm produces cereals and almonds, and she also cares for over 50 honeybee hives in her orchards.

She began farming in 2010, when she decided that she would continue to look after for the family land. In the beginning she grew fresh fruit and cereals under conventional management. With time, she became more interested in sustainable farming and trained as an organic farmer, as well as becoming an active member in various farmer’s cooperatives. She believes that her responsibility as a farmer is to produce healthy nutritious food in a sustainable way, respecting the environment.

ECOSAT, Os de Balaguer

ECOSAT is a small company formed by two farming families from Os de Balaguer. There we find Genís Freixes and Ferran Aige who seek to produce quality food in a sustainable, efficient and economically viable way. They combine the experience of the family agricultural tradition with the desire to learn and innovate.

They grow cereal, almond trees, olive trees and truffle oaks, and close productive cycles with a livestock farm and associated biogas plant.

The direction that ECOSAT follows is to walk towards an increasingly sustainable management out of awareness for the planet and future generations, and to be able to obtain healthy products in a way that respects the environment.

Anna Maria Massip, Torre de l’Espanyol

Entrepreneur and full-time farmer. She produces organic fruit (cherry, peach, plum and pear), olives and almonds. As well as managing her farm, she markets her own produce locally. Born in Barcelona, she went back to the village to take over the family farmland, which had been abandoned.

Throughout the years she has been training and specialising in crop management (fruit, almonds and olives) as well as in olive oil production and marketing. She has also been involved in cooperativism for years, as she is fully aware that if you are a small farmer and you want to survive, you must partner with other producers in order to work together and have more weight.

Dolors Boté, Bellvís

Entrepreneur, business-woman and farmer.  In 2020 she didn’t hesitate to take on the family farm and change the whole production process to organic farming (cereals, apples and almonds), because she firmly believes that it is the best way to manage and nurture the land for future generations.

In order to change the production system successfully, she trained in organic and biodynamic agriculture. She soon realised that one of the main challenges for organic farmers lies in the commercialisation of the produce. If small local family farms are to survive, then it is essential to partner with each other in order to ensure fair prices for their produce.

Alejandro Carrelé, Juneda

Full-time farmer from the age of 25, without being the son of farmers. He manages around 100 hectares of nut orchards (almond, pistachio, walnut) and extensive herbaceous crops.

For Alejandro, farming is his passion and his way of life. Agriculture is not just working the land, it is creating life, creating food, being responsible for a tiny piece of the world and everything that exists in it.  Since his beginnings as an organic farmer, he became a member of the ADV Ecològica de Ponent, not only because of the necessary technical support but also for the possibility of finding other organic farmers with whom to network and create common projects. For the same reason, he is also a member of other farmer’s cooperatives in the area.

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We are more than ecological, it is the way we work and understand farming.

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