‘+Biodiversity’ Project

Since 2009, we set ourselves a strategic line to increase biodiversity in all farms to make more complex systems and thus be able to reduce health problems in the long term. We believe that organic agriculture, and agriculture in general, must integrate elements of nature that have great benefits for the management of crops.

Within this project we work with different organisms: birds, bats, beneficial insects and soil microorganisms. The lines of work are the following:

Placement of nest boxes for insectivorous predaroty birds and birds of prey

To increase the presence of owls and other raptors on farms, we recommend placing boxes where there are more mice, moles or rabbits or where these predators we want to favor are already found. You have to find the ideal place to be successful. The boxes that we mostly place are for owls and kestrels, as they are species that are present in our areas and that consume larg quantities of small rodents. We also work with boxes of robins and other smaller insectivorous birds that prey on insects in abundance in the summer.

Placement of bats shelter boxes

We are working on placing boxes near farms that have problems with lepidoptera, because if bat breeding colonies are installed, they can help reduce some of these pests. Within the same objective, we collaborate with the “Galanthus” Association in order to distribute the same shelter boxes everywhere. We do this because this type of shelter has already been studied as the most suitable in our areas and also to be able to carry out pest reduction studies once the boxes have been occupied. It may take several years for a roost to become occupied, but once a colony is established, individuals will come to breed in the same location each year.

Sowing and planting floral vegetable covers, banks and vegetal fences

Many herbaceous or shrubby species help to increase the presence of natural predators and parasitoids that our pests have. By giving them alternative food and shelter, we ensure that they appear sooner and this can help us to reduce the intensity of some pests. By incorporating these plant resources we also help to have more food and pollinators.

One of the pollinators we try to increase on the farms is of the genus Osmia, with PROJECT OSMIA

We boost the growth of soil microbiology

The goal is to increase the microbiological biodiversity of our soils and the levels of organic matter to improve soil fertility and make soils more resilients for the future that awaits us with climate change. We need soils that can withstand inclement weather better, with periods of high temperatures and droughts.


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We are more than ecological, it is the way we work and understand farming.

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