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Ramon Sans Sans


C. Prat de la Riba, 20, 25140 Arbeca

Tel.660 594 435

Being a farmer comes from my family tradition. I decided to go organic, because at that time I saw that we were applying too many chemical products and that we could do things in a different way in order not to harm the environment, being more respectful of the fauna and flora of the environment. So following this interest, I started going organic in 2012.

The ADV helps me a lot in the area of ​​advice on pests and diseases, because in the ecological field you have to be more foresight and have a different mentality, more open and tolerant towards pests, thinking that what we want to generate is a balance of the environment. At the same time, being part of the ADV is interesting, because it has allowed me to be in contact with colleagues with the same concerns, as well as being able to exchange points of view and meet people who are dedicated to the same. Sometimes it is necessary, since not everyone understands what you are doing and it becomes difficult to be able to share knowledge (talking about phytoseiids, floral margins, osmia, … among others). I like to think about working and building by networking between people.

I have apples that are sold from the cooperative. The Gala apple starts in mid-August, which takes a week, and then in September comes the Golden. Almond trees, olive trees in mid-September and some cereal (bread wheat and vetch) will follow.

My grain of sand is aimed at trying to bring nature back into balance and favoring biodiversity, as well as trying to spend the minimum inputs possible and reduce the ecological footprint linked to the transport of production. Act on the way to be self-sufficient and enjoy food sovereignty, spread the idea of ​​diversifying food, reduce unnecessary consumption and avoid the huge use of fossil fuels.

These are our crops

We are more than ecological, it is the way we work and understand farming.

Dissabte vam participar a la @fessrural_ celebrada a Vallfogona de Riucorb 🍑👥

📣 Aquesta va ser la nostra primera fira com a BioPonent, el nom amb el qual a partir d’ara coneixereu la nostra entitat. 🥳🥳

I és que ADV és un nom que se’ns ha quedat petit i que no reflecteix tot el què fem (Banc de maquinaria compartida, Relleu generacional, Espais Test…) això no vol dir que l’ @advecologicaponent deixi d’existir sinó que serà la part tècnica d’assessorament a camp com fins ara, juntament almb la resta de projectes i actuant sota aquest paraigüa que és ara BioPonent. 📚🤝🏻🔬🥬🍏🍐

Vam poder compartir espai amb entitats i projectes d’arreu del territori, vinculats a l’Economia Social i Solidària.

💚 Gràcies a l’organització per tirar endavant iniciatives tant necessaries pel territori i pel teixit social i comunitari sobretot en zones on el despoblament i la manca de recursos i activitats son tant evidents.

💚 Gràcies a totes les persones que us vau interessar per el projecte, per les nostres productores i per els seus productes.

Així que esperem anar-vos trobant per fires, espais, xerrades, etc per tal de donar a conèixer tot el què fem, el què hem fet fins ara i tot el que vindrà.


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