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Grup Garreta


Ptda. Pla de Monso s/n, 25193 Lleida

Tel.973 272 399 - 615 595 825 - 623 039 450

We are the Garreta family and we have been dedicated to livestock and agriculture in L’Horta de Lleida since 1945. The third generation of our family, in their eagerness to carry out more sustainable and healthy practices, has converted the our fields in 100% organic crops. The conversion started in 2013 and was completed in 2017. We produce approximately 1,800,000 kg of organic fruit per year. (75% Paraguayan and Platerina) and we have 100 ha of certified organic cultivation.

Being part of the ADV suits us very well to be able to share information and experiences with other operators.

We start the harvest approximately at the beginning of June with the Paraguayan peach and finish it with the pears. Marketing begins from early June to September in the case of stone fruit and from July to March in the case of pears and apples. We have production throughout the summer campaign and a clothing warehouse to be able to reach any type of customer. In addition, we produce Paraguayan juices and organic eggs.

We provide ecological management of the territory, producing quality and local food.

We are more than ecological, it is the way we work and understand farming.