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Família Soberana


C. Forn, 10, 25440 Vinaixa

Tel.687 042 982

We are a family business. In 2012 we decided to make the transformation to organic to produce 100% healthy and living food. We needed to be consistent with ourselves and society. We were to cooperate with our environment by creating life, not destroying it. We wanted and want to be part of the solution.

The intentions were honorable, but the change could be traumatic. It was very important to be well advised and trained. The ADV was and is our technical partner with whom we were able to plan all the tasks in the field, train and resolve doubts. We are very grateful, without them the journey would have been more difficults. Now we are very calm in every step we take. We are a well-to-do family.

The process of making the oil begins in the earth, in the amount of life we have there. The more life there is in the soil, the more nutrients we will get from our trees and the better quality the olives will be. For this reason in addition to applying ecological, we also apply regenerative agriculture to improve the life = fertility of our land.

At E-Oliva we start harvesting the olives in mid-October and finish in mid-November, when the olives are still quite green. Although this hurts us with the yield of oil that will be extracted, we want a living and healthy oil, which gives us flavor power, balance and lots of poluphenols. We will always prioritize quality over quantity.

Throughout the process, the olive, as a fruit, is treated with all possible delicacy in order to achieve the highest quality. Let’s pamper the olive. It must be intact, undamaged and as clean as possible. We collect cold. The temperature of the olives during their transport to the mill must be below 16°C. Cold extraction to obtain a healthy oil with all the aromas. “Careful” packaging, without oxidation. The container prevents the oil from oxidizing through oxygen and light.

Our project wants to become an example to follow. We want to continue working and learning to demonstrate and teach that it is possible to take care of the environment, cooperate with nature, create territory and earn a living. We want to claim the greatness of our product and reinvigorate the work of the farmers who feed us and take care of the environment.

Our oils are pure life, passion and soul, just like our people.

These are our crops

We are more than ecological, it is the way we work and understand farming.

Dissabte vam participar a la @fessrural_ celebrada a Vallfogona de Riucorb 🍑👥

📣 Aquesta va ser la nostra primera fira com a BioPonent, el nom amb el qual a partir d’ara coneixereu la nostra entitat. 🥳🥳

I és que ADV és un nom que se’ns ha quedat petit i que no reflecteix tot el què fem (Banc de maquinaria compartida, Relleu generacional, Espais Test…) això no vol dir que l’ @advecologicaponent deixi d’existir sinó que serà la part tècnica d’assessorament a camp com fins ara, juntament almb la resta de projectes i actuant sota aquest paraigüa que és ara BioPonent. 📚🤝🏻🔬🥬🍏🍐

Vam poder compartir espai amb entitats i projectes d’arreu del territori, vinculats a l’Economia Social i Solidària.

💚 Gràcies a l’organització per tirar endavant iniciatives tant necessaries pel territori i pel teixit social i comunitari sobretot en zones on el despoblament i la manca de recursos i activitats son tant evidents.

💚 Gràcies a totes les persones que us vau interessar per el projecte, per les nostres productores i per els seus productes.

Així que esperem anar-vos trobant per fires, espais, xerrades, etc per tal de donar a conèixer tot el què fem, el què hem fet fins ara i tot el que vindrà.


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