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Cal Valls ECO

Cal Valls ECO

Vilanova de Bellpuig

Camí la Plana s/n, 25264 Vilanova de Bellpuig

Tel.973 324 125

We are a family company with more than 40 years on experience in organic production. The father, Manuel Valls, one of the pioneers in organic farming saw immediately that this was the way, he wanted to cultivate and offer healthy food. When official recognition arrived, his estates were the first in the entire State to be registered. At the same time, in order to promote organic vegetables, then little known, he started making juices and vegetable preserves with the help of his family.

Currently, the parents and the three children, we grow about 30 different vegetables, also according to the biodynamic farming method. We produce throughout the year, although the strongest campaign occurs between the months of July and October when the onion and tomato harvest takes place which we then process in our workshop.

The ADV Ecològica de Ponent provides us with technical support and specific advice for ecological and biodynamic needs. It helps us to focus on the details, to refine the practices and to update ourselves. It provides us with knowledge, training and exchange of experiences.

We try to minimize the environmental impact. We make of 100% of the by-products, either in the preparation of compost or for animal feed. In addition, we produce 70% of the energy used for production from solar panels.

These are our crops

We are more than ecological, it is the way we work and understand farming.

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