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I unexpectedly inherited a 4-hectare farm from my father at the end of 2022. Together we had started a shared project: to transform our fruit crop to almonds and switch from conventional to organic practices. Now, with the unconditional support of my family, I carry this project forward, enriching myself with new experiences and daily learning.

Although farming is not my main occupation, I feel a deep devotion to the land that has seen me grow up. Touching it, caring for it and observing it gives me a spiritual peace and balance that I don’t find anywhere else. When I work the land, I connect with the legacy of my father and godfathers, with my roots and it seems to me that the world does not go so fast.

I am convinced that organic production is essential to ensure a sustainable future for farming. In an era marked by the climate crisis, I firmly believe that we must prioritize respect for the environment and sustainability. To make a real change, we need to start with our own community, promoting an agriculture that respects and cares for all forms of life.

I am proud to be part of both the ADV and the Cooperativa Pagesa Ecològica. Two projects that go beyond technical advice. They are true spaces of mutual support and learning, where you can share with wise people and with a genuine passion for the land.

I sincerely believe that by coming together, we can drive positive change in the agricultural sector, advocating organic production as the healthiest and most sustainable alternative for both our land and ourselves.

These are our crops

We are more than ecological, it is the way we work and understand farming.

Dissabte vam participar a la @fessrural_ celebrada a Vallfogona de Riucorb 🍑👥

📣 Aquesta va ser la nostra primera fira com a BioPonent, el nom amb el qual a partir d’ara coneixereu la nostra entitat. 🥳🥳

I és que ADV és un nom que se’ns ha quedat petit i que no reflecteix tot el què fem (Banc de maquinaria compartida, Relleu generacional, Espais Test…) això no vol dir que l’ @advecologicaponent deixi d’existir sinó que serà la part tècnica d’assessorament a camp com fins ara, juntament almb la resta de projectes i actuant sota aquest paraigüa que és ara BioPonent. 📚🤝🏻🔬🥬🍏🍐

Vam poder compartir espai amb entitats i projectes d’arreu del territori, vinculats a l’Economia Social i Solidària.

💚 Gràcies a l’organització per tirar endavant iniciatives tant necessaries pel territori i pel teixit social i comunitari sobretot en zones on el despoblament i la manca de recursos i activitats son tant evidents.

💚 Gràcies a totes les persones que us vau interessar per el projecte, per les nostres productores i per els seus productes.

Així que esperem anar-vos trobant per fires, espais, xerrades, etc per tal de donar a conèixer tot el què fem, el què hem fet fins ara i tot el que vindrà.


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